Eva Ortega, Investigation General Secretary of the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, visits CNH2


“The objective is to increase investments. To put Spain at the level of other countries”. Eva Ortega Paíno, General Secretary for Research of the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities is at the National Hydrogen Center, listening to the needs and situation of the center and its workers, as well as visiting the facilities and hearing first hand the status of various projects and initiatives.

“The intention is to continue betting on R+D+i and betting on scientific careers”. The Secretary General has been sensitized to the need to give the center’s staff in general and scientists in particular continuing opportunities that allow for long research careers. She has also had the opportunity to study the various suggestions and requests from the Legal Representation of Workers of the center, which emphasize the demand for an increase in staff with permanent permanent contracts, as well as the need to reach agreements that allow an increase in certain labor remuneration. He stressed that the CNH2 is a center “of research excellence” and that it needs all the necessary and possible means to remain so.

The Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities is co-founder, with a 50% participation, of the National Hydrogen Center (whose origin dates back to 2007, when its name was Ministry of Education and Science), together with the Regional Government of Castilla-La Mancha.