The organizational structure of CNH2 has changed as it has consolidated its staff. At present, the chart of the Center consists of a Management Department and seven units that develop specific activities within one or more of the three main areas (administrative, scientific and technical) in which the CNH2 is structured, according to the consortium agreement.


  • Director of the CNH2

Director: Emilio Nieto Gallego


  • The Research Unit gathers all the activities related with basic research in the fields of hydrogen and fuel cells under development  in the CNH2. It is also in charge for the scaling up of components and devices to a pilot plant size. For this activity it is supported by other units who contribute with their knowledge to get a complete scaling up.

Leader: Emilio Nieto Gallego, Dr. en Química

Other Staff

Roberto Campana Prada, PhD. in Materials Science

Leandro González Rodríguez, PhD. in Chemistry

Jesús Rodríguez Ruíz, PhD. in Chemistry Engineering

Nuria Rojas García-Pardo, Chemical Engineer.

Margarita Sánchez Molina, PhD. in Chemistry

  • The Development and Validation of Systems Unit, is focused on the design, development, testing and validation of hydrogen technology based systems. Its main role is to carry out engineering projects and demonstrate the feasibility of the technology and the certification and approval of prototypes and developments.

Leader: Mónica Sánchez Delgado, Chemical Engineer

Other Staff

Gonzalo Manjavacas Ortiz, Chemical Engineer

José María Olavarrieta Téllez, Industrial Engineer

Francisco Saiz Sevilla, Chemical Engineer

  • The Simulation and Control Unit, is designed to support basic and applied research, both which are beeing developed internally and in collaboration with external organizations. Its main development focuses on power electronics and electrical simulation; the operation of electricity networks; electrical, electronic and control systems; thermal engineering, fluid mechanics and TFD simulation.

Leader: Carlos Merino Rodríguez, Industrial Engineer

Other Staff

Ernesto Amores Vera, Industrial Engineer

Félix García Torres, Industrial Engineer

Daniel Hidalgo Serrano, Industrial Engineer

  • The Consulting and Environmental Unit, focuses, on the consulting services relating to the production and use of hydrogen as an energy vector and in the safety studies and regulation development of standards for hydrogen and fuel cells.

Leader: Carlos Fúnez Guerra, Mines Engineer

Other Staff

Beatriz Nieto Calderón, Industrial Engineer

  • The Project Coordination Unit’s main aim is to coordinate and to monitor the accomplishment and correct execution of the objectives of all projects developed in the CNH2 in all its forms (in collaboration, strategic internal projects and services for external organizations), from its beginning (with the management of proposals) to its closure.

Leader: Gema Alcalde Ranz, Industrial Engineer

Other Staff

Jesús Martín Pérez, Mines Engineer

  • The External Relations Unit is to become the link between the R &D developed by the CNH2 and abroad. The main objective is to design, manage and execute all actions that affect the relations of the CNH2 with all national and international organizations (companies, research centers, technological centers, administration and associations) to enhance the access and use of the CNH2 laboratories and facilities for the research groups, technologists and industry. Also, it has the responsibility of the diffusion, dissemination and transfer of knowledge and technology through the Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit (UCC + i), as well as carrying out external training activities. Finally, it is also responsible for the development and preparation of the CNH2 R&D Director Plans.

Leader: Daniel Esteban Bechtold, Industrial Engineer

Other Staff

Gema Rodado Nieto, Chemical Engineer

  • The Management Department is responsible to supply all the services required by the center such as human resources, CNH2 staff training, administration, IT systems and finance. Also is responsible for the maintenance services, the overall adequacy of the facilities and the installation of devices and systems.

Manager: María Jaén Caparrós, Degree in Environmental Sciences, Master in Renewable Energy and Energy Market and Master in Management and Business Administration (MBA).

Other Staff

Ana Cortecero Real, Human Resources Technician

Pedro García Romero, Financial Accounting Technician

Isabel Garijo Gómez, Administrative

Cecilia López Llorenti, Executive Assistant

José Muñoz de Luna Chaparro, TI Systems Administrator

Gabriel Urbano Fernandez, Industrial Engineer

David Lopez Gutierrez, Mechanical Maintenance Technician

Jose Manuel Gonzalez Garcia, Electrical Maintenance Technician

  • General Technical Management Unit, under the Management Department, offers several gropu of services for the center like: labour risk prevention, quality assurance and administrative support to all areas of the Center.

Leader: Miguel Ángel Fernández Sánchez, Industrial Engineer

Other Staff

Carlos Aparicio Gijón, Administrative Assistant

Loli Delgado Aguilera Sánchez, AAdministrative Assistant

Antonio Jiménez de Miguel, General Services Assistant