The December 21, 2007 the Consortium Agreement between the Ministry of Education and Science (now Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness) and the Ministry of Education and Science (now Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports) of the Castile-La Mancha Region for the foundation of the Consortium for the design, construction, equipment and operation of the National Center for Hydrogen Technology Experiment and Fuel Cells (CNH2) was signed.

In the original agreement for the CNH2 foundation, different government and advisory bodies were established.

According to the agreement, the highest decision-making body is the Governing Board, formed equally by the consortium administrations and with a rotating presidency for periods of two years.

This Governing Board has underneath an Executive Committee, formed also in equal parts by both administrations that meets the necessary issues decided by the Governing Board.

Both, the Governing Board and the Executive Committee have as advisory bodies, the Scientific Technical Advisory Committee, made up of scientists and representatives of national companies, as well as the Public Attorney Service and a Financial Commission.

Below the Governing Board and the Executive Committee is the Director of the CNH2, which has as a Steering Committee as advisory body. Currently, this Steering Committee is formed by the Director, who acts as Chairman, the Manager, as secretary of this Committee, all the heads of unit, the Financial Technician and the Human Resources Technician.