According to the Consortium Agreement, the CNH2 objectives are the scientific and technological research of hydrogen technologies and fuel cells, supporting the scientific and technological community, at a national and international level. This objective includes:

    • The use in the CNH2 laboratories of scientific advances made by national and international research groups.
    • Transfer of the scientific knowledge achieved and scaled up, ready for its use as applications in the real life
    • Research and demonstration of energy conversion processes using hydrogen as an energy carrier and its final implementation in all possible applications.

It also includes the use of the CNH2 as a center for: testing processes, characterization, standardization, certification or validation of technological developments achieved by the productive sector to improve the competitiveness of enterprises and to promote the introduction in the domestic market of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.

The CNH2 seeks the highest levels of scientific and technological expertise in order to achieve a knowledge leadership in the sector.

As a result, the objective of the CNH2 can specified as: “Having a flexible pilot plant, focused on hydrogen energy technologies, especially the obtained with renewable energy and applied by fuel cells, with capacity to develop and complement the various scientific and technological experiments, progress of the scientific and productive community and the own strategic activities required to implement the R&D Director Plan”.

With the fulfilment of this objective, the results sought by the consortium established are accomplished and the access to different scientific and technological groups is granted to promote the introduction of hydrogen and fuel cells in the integrated energy system of the future.

This goal would allow the CNH2 to apply to join the National Singular Scientific Technical Infrastructures (ICTS) map as the final goal of its Strategic Plan 2015-2018.

Likewise, the CNH2 seeks to be a reference center with nationwide scope, bringing together the efforts and work of the research groups, as a connection to industry and society by promoting the technology transfer, the support to technology-based start-ups, the collaboration in the development of regulations and technological standards, the promotion of dissemination activities, the training and dissemination of technology, acting as a center of debate to encourage the introduction of the hydrogen economy, the realization of reports, studies and documents that support and guide other research centers which are necessary for the sector’s development activities. All this, in continuous contact with renown international research centers of this sector.