To achieve its objectives, the CNH2 has established in its R&D Director Plan 2011-2014 several strategic lines that are the basis for the development of the laboratories and both, external and internal activities. These are:

A. Hydrogen production

The strategic line of hydrogen production focuses primarily on water electrolysis devices, especially at low temperature (alkaline polymeric membrane, PEM) from renewable sources but without forgetting other current or future pathways related to clean energy and sustainable processes (thermal energy with renewable sources, clean coal, natural gas cogeneration, …).

B. Hydrogen storage

The strategic lines of hydrogen storage mainly focuses on storage technologies like high-pressure hydrogen storage and solid storage, especially in metal hydrides.

C. Hydrogen conversion into energy

This strategic line focuses on proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFC) and solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC), without forgetting other developments at a much earlier stage in which the hydrogen acts as energy carrier through the production of other energy than electricity.

D. Integration of systems and operation of installations

This line includes activities that focus, first, on the integration of hydrogen as: a renewable energy storage in microgrids; distributed generation and smart grids; and other applications in hydrogen technologies in different systems, both stationary and transportation applications.

E. Regulations and R&D in security

The strategic line of safety and regulations has the general objective to gain detailed knowledge of all the regulations and standards, from the security point of view, that are applied to activities carried out in the CNH2, like explosive atmospheres, pressure vessels, chemical storage, pressurized storage, etc.

F. Technology Implementation

This strategic line includes all complementary actions carried out by the Centre such as the external relations, dissemination, training and social perception.